Jeff Dillon

Whiskey drinking, all night dancing, rock and roll

Slug magazine invites me to come and tell stories about why i play music
- SLUG Magazine soundwaves podcast - June 12, 2019

Radio show appearance to talk about the release of reflections - may 31, 2019
- KRCL Soundwaves radio show appearance

"Jeff Dillon has a knack for creating songs with a simple yet memorable structure, highlighting the lyricism about his experiences while creating catchy hooks for each piece...There is something frank and honest about Dillon’s story that makes it all the more believable and immersive, and the music accompanying the story matches this style with an effortless rock n’ roll feel."
- SLUG Magazine Local Music Review - june 29, 2017

“Jeff Dillon and The Revival is a difficult band to place in a genre, but in the best way possible. Sometimes they’re acoustic, other times punk, alternative and even ska-influenced…The inability to place the band in a box is arguably its biggest strength, making Jeff Dillon and the Revival appealing to music lovers of any kind. I would argue the majority of people would find at least one song by the band they would love.”
- The Utah Statesman, Feb. 11, 2016

"Jeff has some of the greatest views on music community that I've been around. He is an advocate in the local arts scene." 
Ogden Arts Festival Podcast - Jeff Dillon Part 1
Ogden Arts Festival Podcast - Jeff Dillon Part 2